Zegrahm Expeditions Parka
We hope you are excited about your upcoming Zegrahm Expedition to Antarctica! Zegrahm provides you with the complimentary "3 in 1" Zegrahm Expedition Parka you see just below. It is yours to keep as you continue to travel the world. You'll love it in Antarctica and anywhere else your cool to cold weather endeavors may take you! Please click on the parka, make your size selection, and we will send it to your home prior to your departure. This way you can try it on, make sure it fits, carry it with you, and have it to use on any pre Antarctic excursion you may have booked.

Please type the Coupon Code provided you by Zegrahm in the Coupon Code field you find at check-out. Its use will "zero out" the price of the parka as well as all shipping costs.

Please also feel free to rent any of the key waterproof items available from our Ushuaia Rental Depot. They are essential to the enjoyment of your trip. "Hover" on Antarctica just above, click on "Ushuaia Rental Gear", make your selections, and your items will conveniently be delivered to you at the Arakur Resort in Ushuaia the day before embarkation.